July 18, 2023

Ten years ago, in a strategic move that forever changed the landscape of the luxury yacht industry, German yacht manufacturer HanseYachts AG acquired the iconic British powerboat brand, SEALINE. Today, we celebrate a decade of progressive innovation, sustained growth, and unparalleled nautical achievements under the guidance of HanseYachts AG.

The acquisition marked a new era for SEALINE, a brand already known for its superior design, craftsmanship, and performance. Under HanseYachts AG, SEALINE has expanded its horizons, enhancing its offerings and asserting its dominance in the luxury yacht market.

This decade has seen SEALINE transform from a classic powerboat manufacturer to a leader in luxury cruising and family boating experiences. With more than 20 new models launched across the Flybridge, Sport, and Cruiser series, SEALINE has redefined what it means to navigate the seas in style and comfort.

  • Sealine motorboat
  • Sealine motorboat

Key highlights of the past decade include the introduction of the innovative S330, a sports cruiser that combined SEALINE's British boating heritage with German engineering. The unveiling of the C530 Cruiser in 2017, with its panoramic sports windshield and large sunroof, set a new benchmark for luxury and design in the industry. Not to forget the F530 Flybridge model, launched in 2016, its three decks making it the epitome of luxury and versatility.

At the core of SEALINE's transformation is a passionate dedication to providing one-of-a-kind, opulent experiences on the water, designed to delight the entire family. Each model is a testament to thoughtful design, prioritizing spaciousness, elegance, and cutting-edge features. Be it spacious flybridge yachts perfect for convivial gatherings, or breezy cruisers built for adrenaline-pumping watersport adventures, SEALINE crafts each voyage to be unforgettable.

Boasting impeccable attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship, and modern technology, SEALINE boats radiate luxury in every ripple of the sea. Each powerboat, featuring refined interiors and high-tech amenities, is a product of our fruitful alliance with the famous Bill Dixon Yacht Design.

For the past ten years, the innovative spirit and top-tier excellence of SEALINE have echoed across the oceans, touching hearts in over 60 countries. As we toast to this remarkable milestone, our hearts brim with gratitude for everyone who's been an integral part of this exhilarating voyage.

As we gaze towards the horizon, SEALINE stands steadfast in its commitment to break new ground in design, redefine luxury, and rev up performance. We're all about crafting sea adventures that are nothing short of extraordinary for our global clientele. So, here's to setting sail into another decade of discovery and delight with SEALINE!

Curious about the SEALINE journey? Well, it's quite a tale – one spun from threads of passion, innovation, and an unwavering quest for the extraordinary. Why not take a detour to the SEALINE history page? You'll find out just how we navigated our way to the forefront of the yachting world. Dive into the SEALINE Legend today!

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