Rooted in the 1970s, Sealine's engineering methods have come of age, seamlessly blending British maritime traditions with the rigorous quality of German craftsmanship. Constant innovation guides our work, offering ample room for customisation. The emphasis is on light-filled spaces, luxurious interiors, and the idea of a floating loft lifestyle. All of these elements contribute to setting the stage for idyllic family moments, ensuring that each vessel is an inviting, inclusive environment where everyone feels at home.

A Bill Dixon Design

Purity Meets Performance

Stepping aboard a Sealine yacht means entering a world conceived by Bill Dixon - one of the best and most experienced yacht designers in the world. Each curve, each line, and every spatial arrangement speaks to his vision of blending exceptional performance with unique, puristic elegance.

Sealine f430

Advanced Hull Design

Engineered for Elegance Our award-winning yachts feature a meticulously engineered hull that prioritises stability, balance, and fuel efficiency. This ensures smoother, faster rides even under challenging conditions. Integrated features like large bathing platforms and distinctive hull windows further enhance the boat's performance, making each journey not just luxurious but also well-balanced and reliable.

Wide-open Views

No Boundaries Seen

Who wouldn't want to feast their eyes on the endless horizon? Our yachts are engineered to maximise panoramic views, creating an expansive visual experience that seamlessly blends living areas with the majesty of the ocean. Carefully positioned roof pillars and large hull windows are integral to this, ensuring continuously well-lit spaces that captivate and inspire.

Outdoor Culinary Spaces

Gourmet on Deck

In models like the S390, C430, and S430, outdoor grilling islands seamlessly integrate with wet bars, offering a complete open-air culinary experience. Thoughtfully planned, these areas provide both functional and social benefits, harmonising food preparation and entertainment. The compact layout maximises utility while minimising required deck space, allowing guests to enjoy alfresco dining without compromising the room needed for other activities.

Customisation Options

Your Unique Yacht

Boasting foundational strength and comfort, each Sealine motorboat unfurls a rich tapestry of customisation options designed to make every family member feel unequivocally at home. From the allure of alternative wood finishes to the flexibility of varied cabin arrangements, we hand over the reins for you to craft your own unique yachting experience.