Impeccable Manufacturing Quality

SEALINE draws on the decades of experience of HanseYachts AG and a highly committed team with a great passion for the sea and yacht building when developing and building its yachts. Our professional production ensures the elegance, luxury and sophisticated details of every SEALINE. The powerful and safe yachts prove their quality even under the toughest practical conditions.

An Epitome of Modern Yacht Design

Every Sealine motor yacht is a masterclass in design and functionality. With their generous amount of space - from adjustable seats to spacious cabins - and light-flooded interiors, they combine maritime elegance and comfort on board with modern sophistication, performance and seaworthiness.

More Than Just a Series Yacht

Sealine bridges the charm of British maritime heritage with the unparalleled quality of German craftsmanship. Our sophisticated lighting concepts envelop every cruising boat, setting the stage for idyllic family moments. Amidst the vastness of luxury, there's a special touch – spaces that cater to individual retreats, ensuring everyone on board has a corner they can call their own.